There is an incredible opportunity, as fewer salespeople are calling prospects. This can give you the potential to stand out among the rest. Phone sales are far from dead. A cellphone is a powerful tool that can be used to generate significant sales.

To make the most of this opportunity, you need to have the right techniques. Evidence proves that two-thirds of salespeople are doing things during their sales calls that negatively impact the outcome. Here are some of the most useful phone sales techniques that close and help you avoid these mistakes. All of these sales tips can help you grow to reach your highest potential as a salesperson.

Don’t Wait To Get Motivated

You need to pick up the phone instead of waiting for the motivation to hit you so you can close a sale. This waiting period could lead to you missing valuable opportunities to raise your sales. Get started and make that first phone call because once you get going, you won’t want to stop. The secret to being a great salesperson is being able to sell under any circumstances. Not having any motivation to sell is one of those circumstances, so stop wasting time and get going with it.

Set A Daily Dial Goal

How many numbers do you dial in a day? If you’re able to answer this, you’re one step closer to achieving mastery than those who don’t record how many calls they wish to make in an hour or day. Planning your dial goal is so vital that it’s the only real thing salespeople can control in the day, and having control over this can help improve your overall performance.

Make It A Game

Being a salesperson means that you need to deal with a lot of rejection; it just comes with the job title. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you, as it can be extremely discouraging. However, making it a game can help negate the seriousness that comes with conducting sale calls. Having this approach allows things to roll off your back a lot easier.

Call Really Early And Really Late

This is a straightforward technique, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective at delivering a closing call. Making calls between 10:00 and 11:30, or 1:00 and 3:00, is when most organizations conduct their call time. This is problematic as prospects are very busy at this time, and receiving many phone calls doesn’t exactly lighten the load. When you’re calling outside of the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm you’re given access to the prospect at a quieter time, without the gatekeeper being present.

Don’t Use The ‘Sales Voice’

An instant giveaway that you’re a salesperson is conducting a sale in an overly enthusiastic voice, which usually drives the prospect away and entices them to end the call quickly. You don’t want to do this. Instead, speak casually like you’re on the phone with a friend, and remember to slow down your pace. This helps present a more genuine touch to any sales call and can help you increase your sales closings.

Plan Your Introduction

Many salespeople plan the end of their conversation, but never the beginning. It’s scientifically proven that people decide within six seconds of answering if they wish to proceed with a conversation. It would be beneficial to plan the beginning of your interaction with your prospects. Your goal should be to produce something different and unexpected that can entice the prospect to stay on the line.

Prepare A Contingency

Contingencies are useful when your dial isn’t going in the direction you’d like it to go. These contingency plans help to keep the prospect on the line and partaking in your sales call. This is one of the sale techniques that put you out there. You need to be bold and have guts to do this. Selling ninjas have this down to a fine art and is one reason their call closing is done effortlessly.

Get Them To Talk

You want to engage your prospect to talk. Immediately making it clear that you’re a salesperson can cause the person on the receiving end to withdraw from the conversation. You can ask questions to make sure that the prospect contributes to the conversation. This is a helpful method for closing calls. You can say things such as, “Does that ring true to you?”

Never End The Call In A Vague-Manner

Focusing on the next steps is a vital part of sales calling. When you’re cold calling, this is a valid sale technique that should be factored into every conversation you make. This ensures that you’re able to continue the conversation later and move forward with what was discussed. It’s beneficial to get the prospects additional information such as name, email address, and anything else to keep in constant contact in planning your next conversation.

Have A Script Prepared

Closing out sales demands an effective script to be prepared as it’s one of many phone sales techniques that close with prospects. When you’re calling your prospect, you should follow a script as it’s key to any successful strategy to close a phone sale. You’re able to sound confident, prepared, polished, and knowledgeable. People want to work with a person like that, which can help you close more sales. Don’t recite the script as this can be unnatural and off-putting.

Plan A Way To Get Past The Gatekeeper

An admin or any other gatekeeper can easily block you from gaining access to your prospect. It doesn’t matter if you have all the other sales techniques and sales tips implemented into your approach. If you don’t get the opportunity to speak to your prospect. That’s what makes this one of the most crucial phone sales techniques that close. If you don’t know how to approach this situation, you can call outside the ordinary nine-to-five day as the gatekeeper may not be present.

If you encounter them during your phone sales, it would be best to adopt a confident, authoritative tone and ask for the prospect by name. This is usually an immediate in and helps get you one step closer to close one of your phone sales.