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One of the most vital parts of a business is making revenue. To earn revenue, you need to have a favorable sales volume against your costs. Every company wants to make the most sales possible, but not everyone knows how. Here are some of the most creative, out of the box methods that can grow your business to its greatest potential.

1. Start To Upsell Some Of Your Products

An example of upselling is asking if a customer would like to upsize their order. This approach opens an opportunity to offer your customer a better product than the one they were thinking of purchasing. Implementing upselling is more beneficial than acquiring a net new customer.

The two primary considerations you should think about are:

  1. Creating a price range that accommodates your customers
  2. Keeping the original product in mind when establishing an upsell, as you want both of these to be related

2. Build Your Business On Instagram

Building a social media platform is an excellent way to increase your sales. Instagram has 500 million daily active users and connects consumers with brands. Engaging with your followers is an excellent way to build your platform. Add direct links to your Instagram stories and posts to increase your sales. This gives customers immediate access to items featured on your stories or posts.

3. Reduce Abandoned Carts

You lose money every time the customers’ carts aren’t purchased. Studies have shown that more than 60 percent of shopping carts are abandoned. You can email prospective customers telling them about their open shopping cart and incentivize them to return. In these emails, you can include discounts or free shipping to help promote the customer to make the purchase.

4. Create Convenience

You’re bound to lose customers if your website is poorly designed and difficult to use. Added to this, your company immediately looks untrustworthy. This can be a costly affair if you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself. This is a critical company expense, as having a well-designed site can positively affect your sales.

5. Use Live Chats To Engage With Visitors

Live chats enable you to have instant interactions with potential customers. You can address any concerns and answer any questions while they’re in the buying process. This method helps ensure a sale in retail, as the visitor feels important.

6. Implement Content Marketing

Content marketing is brilliant for generating traffic for your website. By creating blog posts, guides, and fun content for your website you can inform and entertain people visiting your website and showcase your products or services at the same time.

Content can take many forms and you should test them all until you find the one that works best for your website.

Beneath is a great matrix by Smart Insights which helps to visualize how each different content type has an emotional or commercial angle tied to it.

7. Include User-Generated Content

Social proof can be provided by including User-Generated Content (UGC). Users may feel more inclined to purchase once they see that people like them are buying your products. Consumers are more likely to trust online recommendations and reviews than your brand itself. Implementing these marketing ideas is a great way to engage consumers and get them to purchase.

8. Create A Loyalty Program

Rewarding your consumers is an effective method to increase the retention of your clients and promote your revenue. Automated reminders help to make sure that your brand isn’t forgotten while providing incentives to make a purchase.

Graphic listing seven customer loyalty program ideas

9. Develop A Referral Program

Ideas of marketing could be to encourage existing consumers to bring new ones to support your company. You can do this by providing free products, or exclusive discounts. Offering these rewards is one of many great marketing ideas to promote this referral program.

10. Contests

Ideas on marketing through social media could be to do giveaways. Conditions of entering the contest could be to promote your brand on their Instagram story or share the post on Facebook. This helps you get exposed to a new audience.

11. Give Back To The Community

Effective marketing of ideas would be to practice ethically and participate in charitable causes. This shows the public that your brand takes the time to care for those around it and can generate a good image. This can offer you the opportunity to get consumers excited to support you.

12. Adapt To Mobile-Friendly Purchasing

Making use of mobile shopping can entice consumers to get your product. Purchasing your product through their mobile takes almost no time as it’s conveniently in the palm of their hands. This helps drive sales.

13. Hire Passionate Workers

Self-motivation and dedication play massive roles in defining a productive workforce. These employees should be capable to drive the potential client to make a sale in-store. You’re unable to grow your brand and sales without knowledgeable, motivated, and passionate employees.

14. Create An Effective Workforce

The sales world is moving to a digital platform. It’s essential to realize that it’s a human connection that’s going to guarantee sales, rather than process. Having a motivated team that feels significant is vital for the success of your brand’s revenue.

15. Benefit From Product Returns

You can use product returns to your advantage by treating it like a sale. Satisfying your client, even if you’re losing money, helps to create an emotional sense of loyalty as they feel valued by your brand. Implementing this into your organization can build a loyal client base.

16. Industry Partnerships

Developing industry partnerships can aid in you gaining access to a vast audience and extra resources while achieving double your marketing efforts. Participating in a partnership is advantageous as it provides you with the opportunity to achieve organizational goals that wouldn’t have been possible by yourself.

17. Connect With Influencers And Bloggers

Providing your product to bloggers or influencers is an incredible method of promoting your brand. These influencers and bloggers can display your product to their following, which helps increase your exposure. This can draw in new potential clients that were previously unaware of your products. This can be used to grow your online business through your social media platform.