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Sending emails to customers is a popular direct marketing strategy used by small big and small businesses. The trouble, though, is getting people to open and read these emails. Otherwise, you are putting in work without much of a profit.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are when a business sends information to customers. The goal is to boost sales and profits by informing customers and letting them engage with the brand on a more personal level.

Email marketing takes your business’ content marketing and sends it directly to customers. It is crucial to create, edit, and publish content that best reflects your brand. Luckily, this means that you have full control over what to say, how to say it, and how to format your emails.

Why Email Open Rates May Be So Low

Sending emails to potential and current customers directly is more personal than posting on social media. It is easy for your content to get lost in the shuffle. There are many reasons your email open rates may be so low. It could be that your subscriber list is not updated. Or, it could be that you are not sending out interesting or engaging content. No matter the reason, there are plenty of ways to improve this.

Additionally, some say that email open rates are not reliable. Programs count a read when a particular image gets downloaded. For this, the open rate you receive may not be accurate.

All in all, you can spruce up your emails with small and simple changes.

What Is a Good Email Open Rate for 2021?

To secure that you are reaching your clients, a good open rate for 2021 is about 20%. The average business has an email open rate of about 20%. If you are well under this, then you should reexamine your email strategies. Below are some helpful ways to do that.

11 Ways to Increase Email Open Rates

1. Update Your Subscribers List

Low open rates are often a cause of a subscriber list that is not updated. People change their email address quite often. When you send it to inactive addresses, you are not going to have a high open-rate.

Update your list by removing users who have not interacted with your emails in the last six months.

Before you delete them, though, try to win them back with one more email campaign. If you hear no response, remove and move on.


2. Bypass Spam Filters

One of the most common reasons that businesses have low open rates is due to spam blocking in a customer’s email account. This can send your quality content straight to their trash. Some of the best ways to avoid this are by using email authentication, a suitable IP address, and clean code.

3. Use a Catchy Subject Line

If you want to enhance your open rate, remember: subject lines are everything!

The email subject line can make or break your customers’ interest. Businesses have used email campaigns to boost their marketing for years. They have become some very predictable ways to write emails.

Over time, people have used their own mind as a filter for spam. Use a catchy subject line that captures the customer’s interest to stand out from other brands.

4. Emphasize the First Sentence

It is common for email programs to display the subject line along with the first sentence below it. Like the previous point about the importance of subject lines, your first sentence also has a major influence on engaging the reader. The subject line gets people to look at the email. The first sentence determines whether they are going to open it.

5. Write Emails Keeping the Individual Customer In Mind

It is easy to get caught up addressing all your subscribers as a whole when creating email content. Then you continually write to the masses, people become disinterested and drop off, lowering your open rates. Whenever you are writing or creating content, always consider writing as if you were writing to one individual. Make them feel important.

6. Humor Never Hurts

To create a more personal tone to your email campaign, you can also add some humor. Funny pictures or a charming joke can set you apart from the rest. Plus, humor makes your brand seem more personable.

7. Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile Friendly

Many people read emails through their mobile devices rather than desktop computers. To ensure that all your subscribers have the ability to open your email, make sure that your email is mobile-friendly. You should also be sure to avoid large images and messages in a wide format.

8. Segment Your Email List

Segmenting your list is a very effective way to reach customers based on their interests and purchase history. You can segment your list based on the specifics products customers buy or how often they make a purchase. This promotes open rates by capitalizing on relevance.

9. Adjust the Sender Name

Like the subject line and the first sentence, people look at the sender before opening an email. Ensure that your email is clear so that customers know who the message is from. Otherwise, they may be skeptical about opening it.

10. Find the Best Time to Send

Timing can be a crucial element in getting your open rate higher. Age, location, and occupation all influence when customers open an email. To perfect your timing, perform A/B tests. These can help you identify the best time to send out your email campaigns.

11. Create an Informative Sign-Up Process

High open email rates are heavily influenced at the time that customers subscribe to be on the list. The sign-up process should be easy. It also should inform the customer of what to expect from your messages. Follow through with your plan so customers can rely on your trustworthiness and accountability.