In today’s generation, self-made success stories are all the rage. You hear of people who were inspired to create something new and do it their way. Entrepreneurship has spread through to each person, and now those who are motivated enough can take action.

Learning how to be an entrepreneur is the first step, and most people need capital. If you don’t have any money, is there still a way you can find out how? Start business ideas by finding angel investors or do something that doesn’t require any initial income.

How to Become an Entrepreneur with No Money

Here are 14 ways on how to start in business with no money:

1. Blogger/Freelance Writer

The easiest way to become an entrepreneur and start a business is by being a freelance writer or blogger. Many websites help you do this. You don’t need money to get started and don’t require a business plan. Someone else tells you what to do, and you do it for them.

2. Social Media Manager/Influencer

If you’re on social sites like Instagram or Facebook, use them to boost your influence. Then, you can offer services to companies that want an influencer to promote their items. Or, you can help manage social accounts for businesses to make money.

3. YouTube Personality

Set up a free YouTube account. As long as you have a smartphone, internet connection, and video equipment, you can create/share video content. This business idea doesn’t take much to make it work.

4. Create an Errand Service/Utilize One

Another idea is to use an errand service, such as Uber. You can start the business with no money, as long as you have a vehicle. Other options can include things like food-delivery services and many others.

5. Dog Trainer/Walker

Entrepreneurs who like dogs may want to start a business where they walk or train them. You don’t need a lot to start, especially if you ask the owners to provide leashes and food.

6. Child Care

With the right business plan, you can be part of the child-care scene. Of course, you have to make sure that you’re doing things legally in your city and state. Many local governments require you to have specific skills, such as enough room, CPR training, and much more. Still, people can easily research what to do to make this idea work.

7. Rent Rooms

Most people want something more solid than renting out spare rooms. However, you can get the money you need to start a different business later. If you just need capital for your business ideas, renting out a spare room for vacationers is a great option.

8. Event Planner

People who like planning and are detail-oriented and organized can build a business as an event planner. You can work from home and get to help others create perfect memories.

9. Home Baker/Cook

Some people enjoy baking or cooking. Use those skills to sell goods in your own business. Many local governments have rules in place, so do your research.

10. Data Entry

Though you don’t own the business, you can perform data entry tasks for other companies. Most of the time, you can do this from home.

11. Embroidery/Alterations

If you’re good at sewing, consider starting a business where you alter dresses or embroider things. It’s lucrative and lets you do what you enjoy.

12. Interior Designer

Those who have a flair for designs can put them to use decorating other people’s homes. It doesn’t require a lot of money, and almost anyone can do it.

13. Web/Graphic Designer

If you like working on websites, consider being a graphic or web designer. There are many free tools to help you start without any money.

14. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you take care of various tasks for a client. It all happens online and often doesn’t cost anything. You can decide which services you offer to keep costs low, as well.

How Business Start-ups Happen with No Money

If you’ve got nothing right now and can’t get funding, it’s best to begin on a  simple level. You need to research the market in which you want to breakthrough. This helps you understand how to be successful and what you might need to run a startup company.

You must consider the cost of everything you’ll need. If you plan to build a career out of this, you should check to make sure that your financial goals are tangible. This means having enough cash to pay for everything you need upfront. You may run in the red for a while, which means you don’t earn any money. Entrepreneurial goals are attainable, but it’s hard to do. If it weren’t, everyone would jump on the wagon and begin selling products from their home.

Of course, you want to ensure that you’ve got a job while you do this. You have to work around that schedule, but you need to have a steady income to cover the bills and anything else that pops up. Be ready to go slow, especially in the early days where you’re working. With time, it’s going to become a lot easier, and you are sure to earn more money.

Owning a business requires much time. You have to search through everything and ensure that you’ve got something unique. Someone has a problem, and you’ve got to figure out if what you’re doing is going to help with that.

You should also design a website (it’s easy and cheap on WordPress). This should include any products you provide. With time, it’s going to help you find customers who are looking for related services. As the founder of the site and the business, you can pick the types of platforms you use. As you earn more, you may want to branch out on the web.

How Do Entrepreneurs Get Paid?

Entrepreneurs who own a business can pay themselves through the salary method or a draw method. With the latter, you draw your income from the company profits. This can be good if you have few assets and don’t have many people working for you. However, it gets trickier once the company grows and expands.


In the entrepreneurial world, it’s easy to find plenty of resources to help you with starting a company. Read all of the content you can find and then decide to change your life. Always look ahead to the future, but ensure that you’ve got something to fall back on just in case it doesn’t go well.